Monday, March 22, 2010

Kenny & Mike & Mike

Most people know that Kenny Chesney played sports as a young man and has been a sports fan ever since. And, as a frequent guest on ESPN Radio and ESPN-2's morning sports talk temple “Mike and Mike in the Morning” talking football, baseball and life on the road and everything in between with former sports journalist Mike Greenberg and former Notre Dame and NFL lineman Mike Golic, it's not surprising the may turn to Kenny to write the preface for their book, "Mike And Mike's Rules for Sports and Life (out April 7th).

“They're a little bit crazy and irreverent,” says the former Gibbs High wide receiver and the 4-consecutive Academy of Country Music and 4-time Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year, “but they know their sports - and from completely unique perspectives - and aren't afraid to hash it out. To me, it's a lot like what goes on on my bus when we're out on the road, except, they're on ESPN-2 and ESPN radio.

“So when they asked if I would write something for their book, I was right there. I'd never done anything like that before, but it was honored to be asked.”

“He did an awesome job,” said Mike Greenberg of Chesney's writing. “He completely got us…”

“It's not hard to do,” Chesney responds. “They have a lot of heart - and a lot of fun. If you're gonna go at sports or life or whatever, Mike and Mike know how to do with with humor, with passion and that comes through when you listen, when you watch and certainly when you read their book.” -- Neil Haislop

Some "rules," from the new book:

• The Fourth of July should be eliminated and replaced with an Independence Day that falls on the first Thursday of the month, creating a four-day weekend like Thanksgiving, which, by the way, could do without the Detroit Lions.
• “The Human Element” in sports officiating and weather forecasting sucks.
• The top pick in the NBA draft lottery should go to the team that came closest to making the playoffs—not to the team that rips off fans by mailing it in after the All-Star break.
• When someone says, “I’m being completely honest,” they might as well be claiming that they go to Hooters just for the wings.
• Kids do not get to eat french fries for breakfast. Ever. And who cares what the kids at the next table are ordering.
• No more designated hitter!

To bad we can't have a "designated air personality" to come in for those breaks when you just don't feel inspired today..

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