Sunday, January 04, 2009

PPM Creates New Country Benchmarks

New Years Eve’s release of December Arbitron PPM monthlies from 14 markets have demonstrated again how much greater radio’s reach is than the diary methodology has historically shown.

America’s NEW top-cuming PPM country stations:

KPLX, Dallas - 1.122.800
KKGO, Los Angeles - 1,077,000
WUSN, Chicago - 970,300
KKBQ, Houston - 955,000
KSCS, Dallas - 903,700
KILT, Houston - 849,200
WKHX, Atlanta - 729,000
WYCD, Detroit - 728,600
WXTU, Philadelphia - 638,700
WUBL, Atlanta - 600,000

KILT, Houston, achieved the honor of being the first country station whose stream made the book, with a .5 cume rating and a .2 share. At least one station in each of the 14 markets had their stream make the book, but KILT is the only country station to do it so far. A .495 weekly cume rating was required to make the book.

In 2003, an Arbitron study of “America’s Top Performing Country Stations” presented at CRS by Bob Michaels showed that a common trait of the top 16 format performers in diaries is that they attained a cume threshold of at least 25% of the weekly radio users (weekly cume rating) in their markets.

That’s a benchmark that no PPM-rated country station has yet achieved, unfortunately.

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