Friday, January 30, 2009

Another First For Erica Farber

“Erica Farber epitomizes the true essence of what a trailblazer is in our industry. She leads by example. It is a privilege to recognize her and the many contributions she has made.” - Heidi Raphael, Greater Media’s VP of Corporate Communications and the MIW Radio Group spokesperson

Today is her last day in the office at Radio & Records, a fact which is inconceivable to me. But, thanks to MIW and RAB, she will be first recipient of the newly created Trailblazers Award, which will be presented each year to a woman who has “blazed new trails” for women in the radio industry.

That certainly describes Erica perfectly. She has set an example which any woman who wants to achieve success in the media business would do well to study and emulate.

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