Friday, January 25, 2008

Los Angeles Is About To Catch (Garth) Fire Again

Garth Brooks met the press yesterday morning at Staples Center in Los Angeles where he begins his historic five full shows in two days. The conference was webcast live from
The shows, today and tomorrow, are to benefit the firefighters of California who fought last year's disastrous wildfires that burned millions of acres of Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Garth, who once had saved people from an Oklahoma grass fire, was quick to explain why he wanted to help out the people of California.
"I'm from Oklahoma, I know a lot about grass fires, I know a lot about wind and fire and I've never, ever seen wind and fire like I saw on television and the fact that these guys (firefirghters) are not fighting on a flat surface like we do at home. They deserve much respect and all the help they can get, so I feel lucky to be a part of this. Raising money for this is part of this...what's most important for me is where that money goes and how that money is distributed."

Garth then thanked the L.A.Times/McCormick Foundation for taking over the logistical cost of collecting and distributing the funds raised by his concerts, noting that the administrative part takes a lot of the funds raised and expressed his gratitude that all of the funds raised by his concerts will go to giving support to L.A. area firefighters.

(photo) Garth was presented a 5 disc plaque by Staples Center to commemorate his history making 5 full shows in two days at the venue. Brooks was also presented a certificate of achievement and made an honorary Cal-Fire fighter by a group of firefighters the represented all the different agencies that had been engaged in battling the West Coast holocaust.

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