Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And, So, We're Back To 7%

Do you remember the promise of radio consolidation back in 1996? The vision was to create cluster synergies that could get radio's share of total marketing dollars up to 10%.

The TNS projection, released yesterday, that radio's share of ad spending in 2008 would be up .7% to amount to 7.3% could be termed the official death knell for the false hopes raised a decade ago as radio went public and hocked stock with promises of new-found growth. Or, on the other hand, given the incredible growth of new media, perhaps it's a vote of confidence in our continued high cash flow biz that we are still holding our own.

I'll take a glass half full, anytime. (but, it would sure would have been very nice if I had been smart enough to unload those stocks in 1999...)

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David Martin said...


There is significant evidence to suggest that radio is actually losing share. What we need to consider is radio in the context not of radio but radio in the context of everything. This is the flaw in viewing the Miller-Kaplan data in isolation. It is not how radio is doing compared to radio but rather how radio is doing compared to all other ad spending.

Keep up the good work. Enjoy your blog. Happy New Year. Best, David Martin