Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hot: Nintendo Wii, Not: The Economy, "Tights"

The New Year generally signifies a chance for a fresh start, but consumers aren’t willing to put present economic conditions behind them…with holiday bills rolling in, gas prices hiking up, and a housing market without a foundation, only about a third (33.6%) indicate that they are very confident/confident in chances for a strong economy, the lowest reading since 33.4% recorded in September ’05 (post-Hurricane Katrina). This month’s reading is down more than three points from December’s already-weak 37.0%, and almost 17 points lower than one year ago (50.5%).

The Nintendo Wii is what’s hot this month (according to 69.0% of consumers)…charitable giving follows closely (66.1%).
Among the under 35 set, gym memberships and making/keeping New Year’s resolutions are particularly favored (perhaps there’s a connection there).
Those over 35 are likely to line up for the Jack Nicholson-Morgan Freeman vehicle, The Bucket List.

What’s not?
Although popular among younger women, most feel that tights are a current fashion trend that should've been left behind in elementary school.

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