Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Four Numbers To Worry About

9. The total number of current songs tested this week by Critical Mass Media for Clear Channel country stations, as reported by Mediabase callout.

23%. CD sales' Soundscan January slump continues on total sales on the "all-format" chart dated 1/16/08, which are down almost -23%. Country CD sales are down -19.8% in the same report.

11%. - the percentage Tuesday's American Idol premiere was down from last year's, in spite of the fact that it was again Number One for the night.

1000. A per person diary value, never seen in the past but now showing up more and more in many larger markets in both male and female 18-24 and 25-34 demo cells, ethnic and non ethnic. Even more frightening, we are now seeing this incredible weighting figure in medium and smaller markets where sample sizes are so small that the key to reliable estimates is consistent sample proportionality. One national rep's researcher says that PPDV's over 1,000 are now "very common. 18-24 is actually not too bad in a lot of markets -- the problem has grown up and now invades 25-34 and even 35-44 ... a big money demo. And, it's not just Men anymore either ... there are horrendous PPDV's with Women too -- specifically W18-24 and W25-34 (not too bad with W35-44 yet .. that age cell problem is mostly with Men). Needless to say, there are markets with huge Black and Hispanic PPDVs as well..." (watch Mike O'Malley's blog for more on this scary trend Monday)

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