Saturday, November 13, 2010

Continuing The Conversation

Last week Tucson-based Jessica Northey really impressed A&O clients on our latest bi-weekly client conference call, as she shared her expertise, taught us a lot about the "do's and don'ts" of Social Media Networking for Radio.

There's no doubt that country radio is playing catchup in this fast-emerging social economy as new "do and don't" lists seem to appear almost daily.

It's easy to mistake all this sharing and blogging as absolutes instead of what it really is, an ongoing dialog where new rules are constantly trumping old ones.

In that light, allow me to toss in the possibility that Jessica is "86% right" in our very enlightening exchange.

Two things she suggested raised caution flags for me.
  1. Videos of the morning show (unless its compelling) can be an issue I'd try not to do. Of course, if it's truly incredible, there's nothing like Facebook to take something absolutely worldwide, but "broadcast" sparingly in social media, and engage generously. Don't find yourself with two million "likes" for all the wrong reasons, none of which grow your radio audience locally.
  2. DO NOT update "Status" hourly on Facebook. It is self defeating. You won't make your target's news feed, since over posting drives down your score. If you want to post hourly or more often on Twitter, that's fine, since it usually leads to nothing.
It's not that I think Jessica is absolutely wrong, really, but it's just that I worry about folks taking this advice too literally, feeling that they have quotas to meet and thus damaging their efforts.

Sadly, most of the online content produced by the average radio station doesn't compete very successfully outside their current, small, group of 'friends.'

It's not that "less is more," it's that better is better.


JessicaNorthey said...

Thanks Jaye! I think there was a misunderstanding about what I said regarding Facebook!
I would never suggest to update Facebook hourly, in fact I would block someone who did! LOL
I actually said:
4.) Don't tweet every few days. Do it every few hours!!!!
As for Facebook update, a few times a day at most and at least daily. Keep your station Social Media profiles live and up-dated.

As for the video...I will give you that one. It is not something that CMR has embraced yet but I see it in the future. I am still trying to dabble in it myself!

Again, I am so honored to have been a part of your call! You are amazing!!!

blogonthethames said...

give me a link to the show and i'll tell what I like/don't like about the show. IMO tweet or FB if it's (proper) funny or non spammy.

MASisMore said...

Although this is a good post and I am a big Jessica Northey fan who respects her, this is clearly a misquote. I think you should acknowledge that you misquoted Ms. Northey and fix this post. In Ms. Northey's comment above she clarified the issue and even agreed with your video assessment. She showed true class and swallowed her pride. Please do the right thing and do the same. Thank you!

Susanlorelei said...

Great article ....

Jessica is absolutey correct! If you want to really get the true benefits of twitter (and there are many) tweet often and daily. As for facebook, correct again Jessica! Get on facebook and provide updates that your audience can digest without being inundated.

Angel Brown said...

I just read this post along with Jessica's comment. I am wondering where this rule #4 came from?

I agree with Jessica about Facebook and Twitter posting and think it applies to more than just radio stations.

I guess that means you agree with her 92% which is an A in anyones book.

Lori Moreno said...

Um.. .. .. Hi! I'm @LoriMoreno and all I can say is, Have you seen Jessica's work? Her happy and increasingly successful clients, due to a large extent, to their amazing talent and Jessica's Social Media expertise, are a testament to the success in what she teaches and practices.... #justsayin'

Gina said...

Gosh, I think you may have misquoted Jessica Northey...Twitter DOES produce results! Same with Facebook, as long as it's not overdone! Surprised at your interpretation!

Anonymous said...

I dont want to be rude but your article about Jessica, who is one of the brightest minds in Social Media, sounds like you are clearly trying to make yourself look good at her expense.

Gina said...

I think you may have misquoted Jessica...Twitter DOES produce results! Same w/ Facebook, as long as it's not overdone! Surprised at your interpretation!

Debra Cincioni said...

I am not sure why you would misquote someone in an seems that if one is to write about someone else, they should go the extra mile and make sure that what they say is accurate...I know that Jessica has a lot of experience in this area and would never say to post that often on it makes me wonder about the other things that were said in your article...It takes away from the credibility of the entire article. Please write responsibly…

Dave Malby said...

As a radio DJ host for an internet radio station, I tweet while I am on the air @ about 20 tweets/Retweets an hour. I do happen to have over 122,000 followers. I stir up quite a bit of real time interaction and controversy. Furthermore, these actions promote the show and the station. I also post about once an hour on Facebook. I have had nothing but positive feedback from these actions. I do admit that this is experimental on my part to do this, however I have gained more sponsors resulting in more revenue from these actions, so I will continue to do what I do best! Tweet Tweet Tweet and Tweet some more! PS: Those that I annoy, can just block me .. I don't give a damn! .. IT SIMPLY WORKS!

Bella said...

Seems like you think you have this figured out!

First off, you are a broadcaster on Twitter, no one pays any attention to broadcasters, you have zero communication. Which is why you only have 650 followers.

You are exactly right regarding Twitter, how YOU use it will indeed "Lead to nothing" !

If you're going to challenge someones opinion, at least have the facts correct. You have mis quoted and turned Ms Northeys words around.

And since when they keep stats on FB? Never seen a score at all?

I truly question your expertise here!


Joyce Cherrier said...

I am alarmed that you would ask someone of Jessica's caliber to speak on
your behalf to these stations and then turn around and grossly
misquote her and not offer to correct or to respond to her comment. I think that you owe it to Jessica to let people know that you misquoted her. I'm one of Jessica's clients and she is one smart cookie. Her advice has been nothing short of brilliant and a tremendous help to me.

Jaye Albright said...

I was hoping that Jessica saying that I misquoted her and publishing that on my blog would be sufficient to set aside any confusion I created, but it appears that misquoting a social media expert has it own costs in the age of everything being out there and open to everyone.

If an apology is what you want, folks, here goes: my sincere and heartfelt apologies. I did not mean to diminish Jessica in any way by riffing on her posts and terrific hour spent with A&O clients.

I just wanted to continue the conversation, and I guess that these comments ultimately prove my point at my own expense about being famous in social media with "two million people" for the wrong reasons.

Breakfast Blog seldom attracts the number of comments that this single post has and my hope is that the entire dialog has been helpful to all concerned.

Dave said...

Hey Jaye, FWIW, here's 4 cents worth from me:

2 cents = I know you well enough there was nothing malicious or incompetent with your blog. Jessica cleared it up rather well.

2 cents = I don't do Twitter, it never really caught on for me, but I am a Facebook junkie. I "like" a lot of radio stations across the country of all formats. Most of them do it very poorly. I want these stations to be my friends. I want to be engaged from my personal friends as well as radio stations. Constant reminders of car dealer remote broadcasts and that so-and-so "is on the air next taking your requests" is not compelling. And any status update that informs we are "x" number of fans away from some huge milestone number of fans will almost always cause me to "unlike" that station.

Chuck Geiger said...

I read the Radio-Only Social Media article for Sat on FTC and she says one thing that stands out, like Jack Palance (Curly) in City Slickers - there's only 1 thing: A Fan page is to build the brand, they get a chance (user's) to help build your brand by communicating with other "friends" or users about how they like you and support you.

Cari Schofield said...

I agree with Ms. Northey! I read her original post & "clearly" there was a miscommunication of what she said,Please go back & look at #4).

Diana Adams said...

I am a HUGE Jessica Northey fan, and I was hoping you (Jaye) would do the right thing, which you have. Thank you for your correction comment.

She is one of the few people in social media that approaches it from a fresh and very creative perspective. As a result, she has built a loyal following of leaders around the globe, and you have seen a small taste of that here. Nobody can deny she is as effective as it gets. Best wishes.

Gary said...

the most important part of jaye's post, one which i'm sure ms. northey would agree with, are the final three words.
"better is better"
posting for the sake of posting or to fulfill some arbitrary quota is useless. just like cracking the mic just because there's an 18sx intro and you KNOW you can hit the vocal.
who cares?
we seem a little hung-up on the whole "broadcasting" thing. throwing stuff out there because WE controlled the mic button. we cannot "broadcast" anymore. whether on air on online we succeed when we engage listeners with truly relevant content.
ever work with someone who just wouldn't shut up? they stop by your office or the control room and start yammering away about stuff which is so painfully boring and self-centered that you feel like eating a bullet? yeah. let's NOT be that guy.
facebook can be a wonderful tool to grow audience & loyalty if used properly.
better IS better.