Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get Your Head Around This Concept

What if, in just a few years, there's no longer any old media, new media, interactive media, mobile media, out-of-home-media, at work media, in home media, but just local media leveraging all their brands and platforms for ownership of the mental real estate?

A tough economy is almost always the delivery room for new amalgamations, some of which become wildly successful, while others fail.

What if today wasn't the end of media as we know it, but a new beginning?

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Bob Wood said...

It's the future I see. Hard to predict the speed at which it happens... but why discriminate - I watch movies in Theaters, or via Netflix. My friend living on a boat in Florida watches all on his computer - doesn't own a TV and rarely goes out. "Did you see the new..." doesn't need a "how?"