Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Correction And An Apology

I owe a big apology to Bruce Shindler and the Promotion Team at Mercury.

In my haste to look for an example for programmers which may be contributing to the core listener complaints of too much repetition in today's blog, I was sloppy in my wording and too flip when I wrote“Of course, we all wish the very talented Scotty well, but the fact that it took 48 weeks to find out that a tune isn't going to be a hit simply has to contribute to repetition complaints from listeners.  Pity the poor station which added it early, convinced that it was a hit and now their listeners are left wondering why it's not being played anymore.”

The fact is that Scotty was A&O&B's AccuTest ranked #7, having been in our recommended power rotation for seven weeks.  I knew that out clients are aware of that, but I neglected to mention it on the offending blog post which led a reader to believe that I don't think it's a hit.

CJJR.Vancouver PD Mark Patric emailed to correct me on my overstatements:  "I say country radio programmers are the reason why it took 48 weeks to chart.  And I'm one of those programmers.  I came on board very late and I wish now I came on board much sooner.  This is a super strong song.  I think country fans (radio listeners) love Scotty more than Program Directors and Music Directors do.  'See You Tonight' will be a power gold for many years I believe."

I wish I had said that.  And, I wish I had run my thoughts in advance by Shindler and my partners at A&O&B.

My sole goal was to point to how chart competition can contribute to repetition issues. 

I was not trying to say anything negative about Scotty, Billy Currington as artists, their latest tunes or the promotion team behind them.

For failing to make that crystal clear in my blog yesterday, I am sorry and I apologize.


Unknown said...

First let me say I think it is a shame that it took See You tonight that long to reach top ten on radio. I hope the PD people at radio will listen to its listeners and the radio feedback test that are done and give artist a chance especially when fans are requesting and listening. I also think it is amazing the song stayed on the charts that long as well without going recurrent which is a testament to Scotty's fans. I hope radio gives his new single Feelin It the same chances as it gives Luke, Blake Jason and Miranda. The song is just as good as any of theirs that go to the top.

Spin Doctor said...

Making your point about how chart pressures can drive repetition, though: BDS and Mediabase total spin counts for "See You Tonight" of some of the first stations to add it last year. They are more than 2,000 spins now! It may not have had a #1, those programmers are obviously pretty confident that it has been helping them!

Damon Moberly VP National Promotion Mercury Records Nashville said...

Some pretty solid call letters where "See You Tonight" was a huge hit"

Station/Market/Spins to Date
KJKE-FM/Oklahoma City/1193
WNCY-FM/Appleton, WI/1157
WWQM-FM/Madison, WI/1103
WXBQ-FM/Johnson City/1054
KSON-FM/San Diego/1022
WPOR-FM/Portland, ME/1020