Monday, May 31, 2010

Throwdown Cancels Houston (6/9), Dallas (6/10), San Diego (6/17) and Phoenix (6/18)

The COUNTRY THROWDOWN TOUR throws in the towel for four upcoming shows.

In addition, the Bakersfield date (originally set for 6/16) has now moved to Friday, 6/18. Tickets from the Houston, Dallas, San Diego and Phoenix shows will be honored at all other COUNTRY THROWDOWN tour dates and refunds are also available at the point of purchase.

Tour Producer, Kevin Lyman, says, “After many attempts to keep these shows, we’re regretfully unable to bring Throwdown to these four markets.”

Lyman is citing the following reasons for the cancellations of shows: “Low tickets sales and too many shows competing with one another. We are trying to bring a festival style tour with 21 artists, at a reasonable and fair ticket price (average ticket cost $31), but because most markets are currently flooded with shows, we end up cannibalizing one another and someone ends up with lower ticket sales.” Kevin adds, “As a result, we can’t afford to keep the show on the road for ALL of its intended dates. It’s a first year tour and we expected year one to be full of key lessons, so that next year-- and there will be a next year--is even better.”

The COUNTRY THROWDOWN tour has seen crowds as large at 13,500 already. Fans and bands have expressed huge enthusiasm about the concept. Lyman asks fans in the above canceled markets to accept “our sincere apologies” and if they can’t make it to one of the remaining Throwdown shows, “expect to see us back in those markets next year. “

Watch: video message from tour founder Kevin Lyman to the Throwdown fans regarding the canceled shows.

The first tour of its kind in the world of country, the COUNTRY THROWDOWN TOUR mixes a B-list country music artist or two with largely-unknown singer-songwriters in a male-appeal/outlaw festival environment using the UN-family friendly slogan "Kiss My Country Ass."

COUNTRY THROWDOWN offers a constant stream of music not played on radio on multiple stages all day long (doors open daily at 1:00pm, the show goes until 11:00pm) all at an affordable ticket price. For more information visit the tour's website.

Tip for all concert promoters: talk to a local country programmer you trust and find out how they think your show will draw locally before spending any money.

If a dominant radio station isn't willing to push it real hard, become a full partner with you on it, don't do it.

Cancellations are bad PR for everyone, in addition to being expensive lessons in country targeting.

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