Thursday, May 06, 2010

Heard At BCAB, Victoria

"There is no such thing as the TV and radio business. It's the MEDIA business and the unit of measure is ideas."

"Take inventory of what you're good at and extend it out to new areas OR think about what your customers need and work backwards. Learn new skills."

- Mark Ramsey

"The audience, thanks to the Internet, is bigger than ever. All we need is a business model."

"The revolution will not be monetized."

"Shut up and listen to the group formerly known as the audience. They are not listening to you, they are listening to each other talk about you as if your content, your brand all belonged to them."

"The winner will be he who listens best."

- Bob Garfield

"Research's unit of measurement up to now has been the household. No more. Now, it's the cell phone and the individual."

"Stop calling it 'new media,' mobile broadband is ushering in the era of 'better media,' contextual, participatory, with location-based applications. Everything we now call 'radio' is very soon going to reside in the cell phone. If you think 'radio is the original social medium,' you don't fully understand what makes social mobile media so revolutionary."

- Larry Rosin

"Innovation is not the same as creation. Take what you've built and introduce something new. Constantly. Have a formal innovation plan."

"Meet emotional needs: accompany me; reassure me; thrill me; reward me; teach me; help me escape, imagine or dream."

- John Parikhal

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