Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keith Urban Goes To Wal-Mart

Keith will release his new "Love, Pain and the whole crazy World Tour" live DVD, exclusively at all Wal-Mart stores, including Sam's Club and on Walmart.com, on November 11th. The DVD includes Keith performing eighteen full songs in concert from his "Love, Pain and the whole crazy World Tour." Fans can relive the electrifying concert experience and recall some favorite jaw-dropping moments, including his unexpected mid-song crowd visits during which he would sign and give away the guitar he was playing at the time.

Praise was unanimous for the "musically tight, visually stunning, and expertly conceived" show as "Love, Pain and the whole crazy World Tour" wowed over a million fans around the world. Performing 150 shows in six countries and three continents, Keith delivered constant surprises and made it a point to engage even the farthest seated fans. Throughout the tour, fans never left disappointed, and learned to expect the unexpected from the artist that is "unparalleled when it comes to melding country with rock."

The live DVD also includes bonus footage; exclusive outtakes, in-studio footage of Keith re-recording his recent #1 hit "You Look Good In My Shirt," as well as exclusive photographs.

Keith is currently recording in Nashville readying a new offering for '09. The first single is set to hit radio airwaves in early November.

"Love, Pain and the whole crazy World Tour" Live DVD Track Listing:

1. Once In A Lifetime
2. Where The Blacktop Ends
3. Shine
4. Raining On Sunday
5. Stupid Boy
6. Used To The Pain
7. You're My Better Half
8. Making Memories Of Us
9. You'll Think Of Me
10. I Told You So
11. Days Go By
12. You Look Good In My Shirt
13. Tonight I Wanna Cry
14. Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
15. Somebody Like You
16. Got It Right This Time (The Celebration)
17. Better Life
18. Everybody


Anonymous said...

This is so unfair for Keiths fans around the world,how do we get a copy of this new DVD.We have supported Keith by going to his concerts and buying his CD's.At least let us know if and when it will be released in the rest of the world!Meanwhile I will be still waiting for the release of Keiths new DVD sometime in the future.(I hope)This post was submitted by Keran(a Keith obsessed fan)

Anonymous said...

This DVD should be great! His concerts were amazing during this tour.