Sunday, October 12, 2008

Country Weekly: Kelly Pickler On Boys; John Michael Montgomery On Rehab

Pickler opens up about taking control of her music, her new album and the good times ahead.
“I was involved through the whole process. There’s not a song on the album that I’m not in love with.”
Kellie wrote one of the tunes, “Best Days of Your Life,” with her friend Taylor Swift. “I went through a rough patch with a boy I used to date,” she tells Country Weekly. “I was venting to Taylor about it. The best therapy for both of us is songwriting, so that’s what we did.” Kellie adds that her goal is to keep sharing her heartfelt music. “I’m finally happy with myself and loving life,” she says. “I just hope that I’m able to continue doing this forever.”

After battling a series of professional challenges, John Michael shares his inspiring story of hope, speaking about his stint in a Nashville rehab center this past year, saying that,
“I learned so much. I got tools that I never had before.”
He is now talking about his experiences to help other people in need. “It makes you feel like you’ve still got hope when you’ve got other people who are willing to give you another chance,” he says.

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