Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Best Ads Of The Last Four Decades

New York Magazine is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the latest edition by listing many 'bests' that are fun and memorable. My personal fav: their picks for the best ads. There's a lesson in marketing, buzz, relevance and content in every one of them. Turn on your popup blocker before clicking, but watching these wonderful messages is well worth the time.

1. “Fast-Paced World”
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CLIENT: Federal Express
AGENCY: Ally & Gargano, 1981

2. “Big Fluffy Bun”
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CLIENT: Wendy’s
AGENCY: Dancer, Fitzgerald, Sample, 1984

3. “Mama Mia”
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CLIENT: Alka-Seltzer
AGENCY: Doyle Dane Bernbach, 1970

4. “Funeral”
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CLIENT: Volkswagen
AGENCY: Doyle Dane Bernbach, 1969

As New York's review of one of the best spots, American Tourister's 1970 'Gorilla,' says, great advertising: "...
engages, entertains, and sells.”

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