Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Rumor Mill Proves To Be Correct: Atlanta Gets A 4th Country Station

Clear Channel just turned it on (click to see what they are up to), as suburban (south end) signal WLTM turns off the "Lite" and joins "The Bull" in an attempt to unseat leader Citadel's WKHX and its own signal challened flanker, WYAY.

Here's what I'm thinkin':

1. Too many silly move-in's create troublesome situations like this, which are bad for all radio.
2. Too many country stations will only further compress shares, driving down rates and hurting billing for everyone.
3. Inferior signals don't hurt full market signals enough to be financially viable.
4. Rees and Trout's immutable laws still apply: being first in is a great position. Being 4th in is not.

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