Thursday, December 06, 2007

Major League Baseball In Nashville For The Annual Winter Meetings

All week long, is visiting some of the hot spots of the country music capital of the world and the posts appear to have been written by a combination of the Nashville Chamber Of Commerce and the CMA to help the execs and reporters as they spend the week. (Photo: Jay Orr, the Country Music Hall of Fame's senior director of museum programs)

Today, they quote Josh Turner, the 30-year-old country star with the unmistakable baritone voice who struck gold -- and platinum -- with hits such as 2004's "Long Black Train" and last year's "Would You Go With Me" and "I'm Your Man:" (who grew up a Cincinnati Reds fan when they won the World Series in 1990 but switched allegiances, like a lot of Nashville residents, to another very successful team).
"I started collecting baseball cards, and just really getting into what all the players were like, and as I got older I became an Atlanta Braves fan. My wife is actually from just outside of Atlanta, so we try to go to a game every chance we get."
Turner was a high school outfielder before taking his guitar and his voice from his native South Carolina to the mecca of Nashville:
"There's so many people all across the country that move here every year to try to get a record deal and try to make a record and get their music out there."

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