Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Gratitude Campaign

It started here in the Northwest, with this story on TV:
I've been approaching soldiers in the airports and thanking them for serving for us. On several occasions I have noticed that it felt a
little awkward for both of us. There are several reasons, some of which I am even just now learning as I produce this film and talk to more soldiers. But they have always appreciated being thanked, and I have always felt better having expressed my gratitude. I started to think that it would be nice if civilians had a gesture or sign that they could use to say "thank you" quickly and easily without even having to approach. I did some research and found the sign that we are now using. Is this limited to the military? Not at all. If you look around you I'm sure that you'll find lots of people who are serving their communities, from local to global. If you appreciate their service, give them a sign. Say
"thank you."

Then, came the website, thanks to a long list of Seattle people:

Mike Flood, Seattle Seahawks;
Master Sergeant Michael A. Azevedo, US Army;
Master Sergeant Traci Williams, US Army;
Sergeant Daniel Forsythe, US Army;
Sergeant Andrew Kelley, US Army;
Sergeant Chris White, US Army;
Sergeant William Owen, US Army;
Sergeant Jeb Norris, US Army;
Specialist Michael G Pritchett, US Army;
Staff Sergeant Jonathon Alexander, US Army;
Sergeant Andrew Dibble, US Marine Corps
Corporal Vondarious M Johnson, US Marine Corps;
Master Sergeant Kevin Johnson, Washington Army National Guard;
Tech. Sergeant Natalie Stockhausen, US Air Force;
Lt. Colonel Nathaniel Lathrap, US Air Force;
Pamela Johnson;
Nancy Blanton, Port of Seattle;
Adrienne Sardelli, USO;
Dave Lester, USO;
Jay Hitt, Pike Place Market Theater;
Norm Heimgartner, Univ. of Puget Sound:
Film Maker Amy Sedgwick, Mouse House Productions;
Carrie Robinson, Photographer; Paul Yoo, Cameras

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