Thursday, September 27, 2012

Everyone Knows What To Do. Doing It Is Hard.

The best content, executed as perfectly as possible as consistently as you can create it, drives daily cume.  Everyone has weekly cume.  Double what you thought you had in diaries.  Most of it is very short duration - as little as two and a half minutes for about half of every radio station's cuming occasions. 

To convert weekly cume to daily cume you must be unique, special and simply amazing every two and a half minutes, 24/7!

Unless you are alone in your format, music quantity statements and commercial free periods won't do this for you.  Seek, scan and world-wide streaming media offer more music, better music, anytime I want, not just want you want.

Inventory your non-duplicatable branded assets, be sure that they are loved by your target and then leverage the heck out of them.

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