Friday, October 29, 2004

Benchmark Ideas

Bet Your Butt - Two trivia questions. The first one is easy and good for a Round Roast of meat. After the person answers the question, tell them they can keep the Round Roast or "Bet Their Butt" for a bigger prize. If they answer the second question they win tickets, cash, CD(s), etc.

Bounced - The correct caller will try to collect as much cash as possible before the club bouncer, bounces them out of the party. Start the game with a sound effect of a club bouncer voice which announces increasing dollar amounts every few seconds (or a personality). Start with $20 or $100 and move up from there (whatever your budget allows). You can have different dollar amounts announced each time you play and make sure the "bouncer" kicks players out at differnet intervals each round. If the bouncer kicks them out (sounder) before the listener says, "STOP", they lose the money and win a smaller prize. If they say, "STOP" before If they say stop before getting "bounced," they win the last cash amount announced.

Cable Access - Secure a show on a local cable access channel and spend half an hour each week teaching a radio class, comedy class with the morning man, etc. Go live from the station with logos everywhere and get a ton of television exposure for a few hundred dollars, which is usually the fee for cable access.

20 MORE:

1. 5 IN 10 . . . Name five things in ten seconds.

2. REVERSE TRIVIA . . . Listeners call in their trivia questions and try to stump you.

3. DEAD OR ALIVE . . . Give a celebrity name and the listener guesses "dead or alive."

4. WHO'S OLDER . . . Two well known figures. Guess which one's older.

5. TOUPEE/NO TOUPEE . . . Celebrities. Do they have a "rug" or not?

6. WHAT IS THAT?. . . Play a sound effect. Listeners guess what it is.

7. FOOL THE MORNING SHOW. . . Reverse of the above. Listeners play sound effects down the line and you must guess it.

8. TABLOID TEASERS . . . Listeners guess if it's a real or fake headline.

9. HOLE IN THE HEADLINE . . . Real headlines from tabloids. You pull a word out and listener must guess it.

10. TIME TUNNEL . . . Give events of a certain year. Listener must guess the year.

11. FACT OR FICTION . . . You provide a statement. Listeners guess if it's fact or fiction.

12. THE SLOGAN GAME . . . Advertising slogans. Listeners guess the product.

13. MORON JEOPARDY . . . Like regular Jeopardy but with really stupid questions.

14. PRICE IS RIGHT. . . Guess the price of a product. Variation: Time Tunnel Price is Right . . . Guess the price of an item from a certain year.

15. WHO'S THE MYSTERY PERSON . . . Voice clip of a famous person. Listener guesses who it is.

16. TONGUE TWISTERS . . . Listeners repeat a tongue twister a number of times in an allotted time frame.

17. WHAT'S IN THE BOTTLE . . . Place an object in a Coke bottle. Rattle it around on mic. Listeners guess what it is. Give clues if necessary.

18. WHERE IS IT. . . Hints on a local or national landmark. Listeners must guess the location.

19. MATH QUIZ HONK-OFF . . . Man on the street bit. Math problems for people in cars. They use their car horn to solve math problems.

20. RADIO PASSWORD . . . Just like the original TV game. The "bit" is you have an announcer whisper the password on air. It's amazing how many people guess wrong.

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Chris in London said...

#21 - I also play "Wrong Is Right" with three trivia questions but the listener has to provide the wrong answers in order to win - The easier the question, the tougher it is to answer wrong.