Monday, June 28, 2010

"I Saw Celeeze" (aka The Programming Isosceles Trifecta)

OK, I admit that it's a lame, silly headline for what looks to me to be a very helpful, serious programming tool.

It was graphed by Midwest Family/Green Bay Brand Manager/WROE Mike Oakes after reading Rich VanSlyke's FMQB article last week in which he revealed his Trifecta Of Packaging:

The system uses three main areas of concentration, and each area has its own triangle of parts: A foundation base and two complementary sides. First is the Image triangle, designed to purely image the radio station and is primarily based on the Brand Name, with the other two sides of the triangle being Positioners and Attitudes. These parts help the listener remember “who” and “what” you are with a defining message. The Usage triangle is designed to teach the audience how to use your radio station. The base of this triangle is the Legal ID with the two other sides being Core Artist and Music Quantity. Teaching the audience how to use your station is a very important ingredient in meeting listener expectations. Finally, the Promotion triangle helps to promote the station to the listener. The base is the Station Promo, one of the most important elements for a radio station. The triangle’s remaining sides are Recyclers and Contesting/Event Promos. Moving listeners through days, dayparts and locations with effective promos and recyclers can add AQH. Ideally the goal is to play all three of the main branding elements (Image, Usage and Promotion) in every 20-minute sweep.

Thanks to both Mike and Rich.

Click here to save Oakes' document with A&O's compliments.

Do you have a better system to keep your station imaging fresh and focused? If so, I'd love to hear about it.

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