Thursday, May 01, 2014

Radio Was Easier

Let’s face it.  Doing radio is harder today that it has ever been.
  1. Short attention spans.  
  2. PPM demands for excellent second to second execution with no wasted time that could cause a lost listener.  
  3. More usage of multi-media for music and info that means radio’s once exclusive lock on basics no longer exists. 
Hardest of all these days is self-promotion.  It has never been more crucial to build and own core usage-driving images, but the audience won’t sit still for anything that sounds like a sales pitch.
  1. Writing must be crisper than ever, every bit of production has to improve flow.  
  2. Everything has to be believable, reinforcing values of the target.  
  3. Momentum and brevity should be baked in.
Anyone who still believes that radio was better yesterday or simpler to execute now doesn’t understand the skill level required to be a market leader in 2014.

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